Awe of My Life Publications was borne of the necessity to share our findings on the greatest, most relevant topic ever. Our primary purpose is to encourage and promote increasing awe and reverence for God among all people.

It was necessary for our lead writer (Gregory Madison) to deeply study the fear of the Lord to conquer his addiction to crack cocaine. That’s why wherever there is a lack of regard towards God, our desire is to address the issue in an orderly, logical, loving and respectable manner. 

 Awe of My Life Publication is seeking to point out the difference that reverence for the Almighty makes in the life of a person, a family, a culture, each nation, government and in history.



Turning to God from Idols: A Biblical Approach to Addictions

by Gregory Madison

Phase I


Chapter One: Reasoning (God’s reasoning with us)

Chapter Two: The Reality of Addiction: Idolatry

Chapter Three: The Reality of Deceit

Chapter Four: The Real You

Phase II


Chapter Five: Definition and dynamics of Repentance

Chapter Six: Acts of Repentance

Phase III


Chapter Seven: Rejoice in the Lord


Includes a biblical outline on understanding, idolatry, the fear of the Lord, additional resources, forming Christ-centered support groups and more.


Turning to God from Idols is the spiritual method of exposing and disposing any and every addiction.

The study-guide is forthcoming!

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Turning to God from Idols page

An addiction is an idol. The old English word for worship was "worthship" (indicating that we express the worth of that which we worship). We worship by giving praise, making sacrifices, allowing dominion, and placing trust in something or someone.

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Bible Verses Addicti​ons

The Facebook page is nearly two years old. The renderings have produced four volumes. Another four are "in the wings."

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As shown in the January 2019 edition of the Salvation Army "War Cry" magazine

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Awe the Awe

Ready for reverence?

May 14, 2014

Let me tell you about The Fear of the Almighty! For a long time, I have wanted to tell you about the fear of the Almighty. It all began around 1987. I was probably involved in another study, when I became intrigued by the phrase that has so consumed my soul that I strive to be an “awe-factory.” I want everyone to have an ever-increasing awe for God.

After the fear of the Lord gained my attention, I carefully wrote every similar reference from the Bible. Once I had all the references, I studied the details and constructed an outline based on the prevalent categories. I was blessed to preserve my hand-written notes for years. One of the greatest complements that I have ever received came from one of my pastors that I greatly admired for his education. When I showed him my outline on the fear of the Lord, he asked was I the author. I knew back then that I had discovered a topic of great relevance.

I did not begin to expound on this outline until 10 years later. As I was led by God to begin my first draft of Turning to God from Idols: A Biblical Approach to Addictions, I began to understand that the fear of the Lord is significant toward addictions. While my primary attention was given towards the writing of Turning to God from Idols, I began my early writing of The Fear of the Almighty around 1997.

For those who are unfamiliar with my testimony, you may wonder why it was that there were gaps of time in my writing. The reason that I did not continue with my studies from which my writings come is because of the 23 years of intermittent drug addiction that I participated in to the point that I was almost entirely non-productive. And so, the next phase of The Fear of the Almighty took place around 1999-2000. At that time, I was in a very stable environment and well grounded in living a sober life. With a draft of Turning to God from Idols that met my satisfaction, The Fear of the Almighty on a floppy drive and nearly complete, I started working on going back to college.

To make a long story short- I went back to drugs. When I had a few days of sobriety, I came to find out that although I had plenty of floppies with Turning to God from Idols, the only copy of The Fear of the Almighty was left with a friend with whom I had lost contact. I was fortunate enough to still have the original outline. Yet, again, I allowed my life to spiral out of the Master’s control while being dominated by addictions. It was not until 2012 that I began to work on Turning to God from Idols and The Fear of the Almighty again (after a year of sobriety). To this date I have been clean and sober for 8 years.

In 2018 I decided to put aside all my projects and publish Turning to God from Idols. Although, I had a good portion of notes to begin a reconstruction of The Fear of the Almighty, I did not sense God’s leading and I thought it would be best to finish the first project that I began (Turning to God from Idols). I was able to publish Turning to God from Idols in March of 2018. Before the year was over, I published Sobriety for Christmas and four volumes of Bible Verses Addictions (with four addition volumes that include illustrations). Now it is with great joy that I have the privilege of publishing The Fear of the Almighty through Awe of My Life Publications in May of 2019 with Amazon. That’s 32 years from its conception! Are you ready for reverence? You are ready for The Fear of the Almighty? Spread the word!

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It is becoming more clear that the Church of the living God (in these United States, actually World Wide) is going to have to begin to become more active in presenting Christ as the means and source of sobriety. 

Please don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to eliminate AA, NA, CA … God in His sovereignty uses people in that setting. God makes use of the 12 steps, also. But, is this the only way that God is able to rescue people?