Awe of My Life Publications was borne of the necessity to share our findings on the greatest, most relevant topic ever. Our primary purpose is to encourage and promote an increasing awe and reverence for God among all people.

It was necessary for our lead writer (Gregory Madison) to deeply study the fear of the Lord to conquer his addiction to crack cocaine. That’s why wherever there is a lack of regard towards God, our desire is to address the issue in an orderly, logical, loving and respectable manner. 

 Awe of My Life Publication is seeking to point out the difference that reverence for the Almighty makes in the life of a person, a culture, each nation, government,  history, within families ... 



Turning to God from Idols: A Biblical Approach to Addictions

by Gregory Madison

Phase I


Chapter One: Reasoning (God’s reasoning with us)

Chapter Two: The Reality of Addiction: Idolatry

Chapter Three: The Reality of Deceit

Chapter Four: The Real You

Phase II


Chapter Five: Definition and dynamics of Repentance

Chapter Six: Acts of Repentance

Phase III


Chapter Seven: Rejoice in the Lord


Includes a biblical outline on understanding, idolatry, the fear of the Lord, additional resources, forming Christ-centered support groups and more.


Turning to God from Idols is the spiritual method of exposing and disposing any and every addiction.

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Turning to God from Idols page

An addiction is an idol. The old English word for worship was "worthship" (indicating that we express the worth of that which we worship). We worship by giving praise, making sacrifices, allowing dominion, and placing trust in something or someone.

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Bible Verses Addicti​ons

Our next work, if God so wills. Based on our daily Facebook page bearing the same name.

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The highest form of sobriety is in Jesus Christ

The Progression of Turning to God from Idols

June 30, 2018

     The writing of Turning to God from Idols began around 1997 in Warsaw, Missouri at Opportunity Farm, which is a camp ground owned by City Union Mission in Kansas City, Missouri. Previously, while on the Men’s Bible program in Kansas City, I was asked by a pastor to begin a support group. We were both in agreement that the group was to be Bible-based. 

     The pastor brought me some literature that was an adaptation of the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. When I told the pastor that I was not comfortable with the literature, he told me to do what I thought would be best. After praying and meditating I noticed that the theme of idolatry commonly surfaced. I quickly constructed an outline. Before we began the support group, I started using crack again.

     After a while, I asked to be admitted to Opportunity Farm to get away from the streets. Once on the farm, I was led by God to a more intense study of the outline that I had constructed for the support group. The leading passage that I was led to is found in 1 Thessalonians 1:9.

For they themselves shew of us what manner of entering in we had unto you, and how ye turned to God from idols to serve the living and true God

     It was at Opportunity Farm that the first draft of Turning to God from Idols was constructed. It was at this time that God, also, began to show me that the issue of reverence for God is a huge part of sobriety/abstinence. I remained at Opportunity Farm for about five months until completing the first draft and went back to my hometown (Cleveland, Ohio). The work was originally titled “Idolatry Assassination”.

     Shortly after returning to Cleveland, I started using crack again. My next opportunity to seriously pursue my writing began in 1999 while at a Christian facility in Colorado. I made revisions on my draft while looking for references from other writers. For years I had looked for biblical resources on addictions while on various programs. There was not very much available until the late ‘90’s. That’s why I am very passionate about Bible-based presentations on addictions.

     Unfortunately, I was not serious enough to stay off drugs. In the year of 2001, I went back to using crack. I thank God that somehow my files for Turning to God from Idols were preserved. For the next ten years, my life was so unstable that I never had the opportunity to do any serious work on Turning to God from Idols. 

     God was very gracious towards me in allowing me to discover some of the finest writing that has ever been written on addictions during that time. I became familiar with Addictions: A Banquet in the Grave by Dr. Edward T. Welch within this period. I was delighted that Dr. Welch’s writing mirrored my own. I have read Addictions: A Banquet in the Grave no less than six times. I, also, discovered other writings that were just as sound as Dr. Welch’s. 

     During my intermittent years of sobriety, I began to weave some of my favorite selections from other books into my writing. My next revision for Turning to God from Idols took place in 2012 after a year of sobriety and moving to the city of Memphis, Tennessee. After 6 years of uninterrupted sobriety, in the winter of 2017, I decided that I would solely concentrate on completing Turning to God from Idols while setting all my other projects aside. I published Turning to God from Idols in March of 2018.

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It is becoming more clear that the Church of the living God (in these United States, actually World Wide) is going to have to begin to become more active in presenting Christ as the means and source of sobriety. 

Please don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to eliminate AA, NA, CA … God in His sovereignty uses people in that setting. God makes use of the 12 steps, also. But, is this the only way that God is able to rescue people?